Diego Lo Giudice (Forrester) and Gil Tayar (applitools)

Quest for A Flawless Digital User Experience: Trends, Threats, Challenges, and Test Automation Tools that Help Leading Engineers Deliver the Goods

Learn about the key shifts and challenges that will affect your day-to-day work processes, and experience first-hand the test automation tools that will help you triumph. Digital makes the world go ‘round, and it’s software quality on the one hand, and speed of delivery on the other, that make or break today’s business endeavors. In […]

Events — October 25, 2017
Applitools Eyes

Learn from the Experts: How to Boost Test Coverage with Automated Visual Testing

Watch Fortune-100 Test Automation Expert Joe Colantonio present this hands-on webinar, and learn how by implementing large-scale automated visual testing, he was able to dramatically increase coverage, reduce maintenance, and substantially boost test robustness, efficiency, and ROI. In order to help you release faster and better while avoiding functional and visual regressions, Joe dives deep […]

Events — December 1, 2016

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