Staying Ahead of the Curve: 4 Trends Changing the Digital Transformation Game for CIOs

Advanced Topics — Published March 6, 2018

For companies of all sizes across all verticals, digital transformation efforts now weigh heavily on the business and CIOs bear the heavy burden when it comes to shepherding the organization forward. What are the trends that are reshaping the role of the CIO? How can technology leaders stay ahead of the curve? A recent Enterpriser’s Project article from CEO Gil Sever dives deeper into the four growing trends for 2018. Here’s a quick synopsis of the takeaways:

  • Customer experience has always been important when it comes to digital transformations, but CIOs are now tasked with taking this to a new level of thinking about the customer in every development decision by incorporating Application Visual Management (AVM) strategies. Merely understanding your customer is no longer enough and bringing the customer perspective into every phase is now a requirement to achieve true success.
  • Artificial intelligence has an emerging role as a key business driver. AI and Big Data are less a fringe tactic for making business moves but are quickly becoming a core function driving day-in and day-out organizational decisions. Visual AI is a prime example – a critical and practical technology innovation focused on UI integrity.
  • “Fail fast” is the digital transformation battle cry. For years, businesses have focused on minimizing mistakes, even for the sake of moving slowly. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, speed is the name of the game and being fast often means being first. When second place might mean missing out completely, this is more important than ever before.
  • Continuously be testing, learning, and pivoting. CIOs are tapping into Agile methodologies to incorporate more testing into their development pipelines to make decisions that are better informed and better for the customer.

2018 is the year where we need to put the customer experience first and tap into the emergence of Application Visual Management (AVM). How? By using customer behavior metrics to inform business decisions, putting the product in your customers’ hands more quickly, testing your applications more thoroughly and leveraging Visual AI and other automated techniques, being “customer obsessed” becomes a realistic goal that helps drive business success.

To read more about these trends and how you can develop a game plan that will help you gain a competitive edge through these means, including Application Visual Management and Visual AI, check out the full article here.

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