The “State of AI applied to Quality Engineering 2021-2022” Report Released

News — Published July 23, 2021

Applitools was invited to share our expertise in applying AI to quality engineering, and we’re honored to be co-authors of this comprehensive report by Sogeti.

Sogeti has just released the first section of their State of AI applied to Quality Engineering 2021-22 report, including two chapters co-authored by Applitools. The report is a detailed examination of the current state of artificial intelligence in the field of quality engineering. It centers around a key question – how can AI make our quality validation smarter? In the words of the executive introduction:

This report aims to assist you in understanding the potential of AI and how it can help improve the quality, velocity, and efficiency of your quality engineering activities.

As one of the pioneers in the application of AI to quality engineering through Visual AI, we were honored to be asked to participate in this report and share our expertise. We co-authored several chapters, including two that have been released today in the first section.

In this chapter, you’ll get an overview of the business and technical environment which has led us to where we are today and the current need for assistance from AI. It discusses the shortcomings of traditional testing practices and the emergence of modern quality engineering. What does a successful Quality Engineer do today? What are the challenges faced? What is the future of quality engineering, and what role could AI play in that? Check out this opening chapter for a great introduction into the topic of AI in QE. 

Chapter 2: Getting started with AI

This chapter digs a little deeper into how you can get started in your journey with AI. Moshe starts by relating a personal story about a customer service experience that left him frustrated. How can we use AI to eliminate waste from our days and spend more time on quality engineering and address issues before they impact end users? The chapter goes on to cover the difference between routine and error-prone tasks and opens up the discussion of how we can optimize each type. You’ll also get some great info on how to define AI, understand possible use cases, and thoroughly research your options. Head over to the second chapter to read more.

In chapter 3 and chapter 4, you can explore further with technical deep dives into machine learning and deep learning. 

Check out the Full Report

Sogeti has put together a strong report on this important topic and we’re excited to share the opening section with you today. Starting in September, you can expect to find new sections released bi-weekly, including another chapter from Applitools that will be out in the coming months. To learn more, check out the full “State of AI applied to Quality Engineering 2021-22” report

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