EMA Top 3 Report: Recognizing Applitools AI-Powered Visual Testing For Our Ability to Optimize DevOps

News — Published October 5, 2018

Recently, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Managing Research Director, Torsten Volk, released a new research report featuring Applitools entitled, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Optimizing DevOps, IT Operations, and Business: EMA Top 3 Report and Decision Guide for Enterprise“.
We were selected based on our AI-powered ability to solve for the complex problem of Automated Visual Testing in DevOps.

Download your free copy of the EMA Top 3 Report here.

To view their report and gather a bunch more information on the research methodology, visit the EMA Top 3 web portal. This research provides guidance for enterprises seeking to optimally leverage today’s AI/ML capabilities, depending on their individual situation and priorities.

What is an EMA Top 3 Product?

The EMA Top 3 Award is presented to products that convincingly resolve DevOps, hybrid IT, and business challenges through the innovative use of artificial intelligence or machine learning. EMA identified these products through a sequence of briefings, demonstrations, customer interviews, technical discussions, and often the use-case-driven deployment of the product by EMA staff and partners.

Applitools was among the top 3 companies named in the “AI for DevOps” category and specifically featured as a top product for the AI-driven Test Optimization section. This was based specifically on Applitools’ ability to accurately and comprehensively provide automated visual testing coverage both pre- and post-production. According to the report, these EMA Top 3 products enable continuous and comprehensive software testing for DevOps. As enterprises are striving for continuously releasing and validating new software capabilities, these EMA Top 3 products help provide quality assurance of these releases.

Watch our CTO, Adam Carmi, discuss Continuous Testing for DevOps with Torsten Volk:

Applitools developed the first and only AI-powered automated visual testing technology that mimics the human eye and brain to streamline UI visual testing of web and mobile applications. The Visual AI engine only reports visual differences that are perceptible to users and reliably ignore invisible rendering, size and position differences. The algorithms can instantly validate entire application pages, individual components, detect layout issues, and process the most complex and dynamic pages.

Applitools Eyes lets DevOps teams implement visual testing finds bugs that traditional functional testing misses. Combining visual and functional testing into a DevOps toolchain results in better app quality.

To increase speed, users can leverage AI to highlight only significant visual bugs, ignoring visual differences that won’t matter to customers. The result: QA never wastes developer time on insignificant visual bugs.

To get started with Applitools, sign up for a free Applitools Eyes account.

Why AI/ML is Disrupting Every Industry

The disruptive character of AI originates from the core expectation of AI/ML technologies enabling enterprises to make optimal data-driven decisions that are aligned with their corporate strategy, immediate priorities, and compliance obligations.

Enhancing human capabilities through AI: Complexity is the most critical challenge for employees in DevOps, IT operations, and business. Decision makers are faced with a rapidly growing number of data sources, technology options, and competitive requirements. Optimal decision-making requires the ability to quickly identify how all of the different data sources can be put together into one big picture that shows the outcomes of alternative courses of action. Artificial intelligence can act as this “complexity reducer” by identifying potentially relevant trends and anomalies in these vast bodies of data and by revising its output based on human feedback and past project outcomes.

AI-driven automation: AI-driven automation can eliminate simple repetitive tasks to enable staff to focus on activities where human intuition, creativity, skills, and situational awareness are critical. AI-driven solutions that best include humans into their decision and automation workflows have been significantly more successful in the market compared to solutions focusing on a black box approach to AI-driven automation.

If you don’t get a chance to dig deeper into the research above and want to learn more about AI and Machine Learning for DevOps, reach out or sign up for a free Applitools account and get started with Applitools AI-powered visual UI testing platform today!

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