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News — Published July 30, 2015

Check out Applitools Eyes awesome new features, making automated visual testing better and faster! 

(1) Optimize image download when viewing test results (download scaled down images)

In order to make test result analysis even faster, we’ve improved loading time of images: a smaller image will load so you can see the results faster, and larger image parts will be downloaded only when zooming in.

(2) CheckRegion in nested frames for Selenium SDKs

Testing frames within nested regions just got a lot easier. Applitools Eyes helps you identify and test regions within nested frames quickly and painlessly – by automatically changing the webdriver context to the target frame, scrolling and stitching to capture the entire contents of the region and reverting to the original context – all with a single CheckRegion command.

(3) Allow setting an explicit baseline to enable cross-browser visual testing

Cross-browser testing is much easier with this new feature. By default, the test is automatically compared with a baseline that is specific to the execution environment (e.g. browser, device, screen resolution, etc.) of the application under test.

Cross-browser testing requires running the test across different execution environments; therefore it’s required to circumvent default baseline matching mechanism.

Setting an explicit Baseline name forces a test to run against that baseline – allowing the comparison a screenshots from different execution environments.

To learn more about this feature, read Dave Haeffner’s post: How to Do Cross-browser Visual Testing with Selenium.

(4) Added API to download an image with highlighted differences

For those of you who want to embed Applitools Eyes’ test results in your own custom reports, we have added an API that allows downloading test step images, which also include the highlighted differences, and embedding them into your existing reporting dashboard.

(5) Javascript and Ruby SDKs support full page screenshots

This important capability has now been ported to our Javascript and Ruby SDKs, and allows capturing full page screenshots even for browsers which only produce screenshots of their viewport.

(6) Handle retina displays by Javascript SDKs

Enhanced support for visual testing on retina screens: full page screenshots are no longer skewed, and are easily comparable to images obtained from non-retina systems.

(7) Applitools Eyes Express Chrome Extension: Using Pre-defined Scenarios

Test scenarios can now be loaded to Applitools Eyes Express Chrome Extension. This allows manual testers to easily follow pre-defined test scenarios, automatically setting each step as the test name (thus avoiding default names) – making 1-click visual testing even faster. This also allows QA managers to track testing process according to the defined scenarios.

(8) Applitools Eyes Express Chrome Extension: Comparing URLs against .png Images

Applitools Eyes Express Chrome Extension now allows verifying a web page/ web application against a given image (e.g. a PNG file from the designer). Simply click on the “Compare to image…” button in the “Baseline…” panel, and then select the image you want to compare to. After that, navigate to your web page, and simply run a test. The image captured from your web page will be compared against the image you previously selected.

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To read more about Applitools’ visual UI testing and Application Visual Management (AVM) solutions, check out the resources section on the Applitools website. To get started with Applitools, request a demo or sign up for a free Applitools account.

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