What is Web Testing?

Web testing, is the process of testing a web based application for functionality, performance, accessibility, and security. In modern software development, it’s common for the majority of web testing to be automated using frameworks that can drive the browser to perform various navigation and actions. Many organizations practice cross browser testing in the hopes of detecting browser specific defects.


Why is Web Testing Important?

Or course testing a website or web application for bugs is important! Bugs can range in severity, with minor bugs being a small annoyance and major bugs, such as ‘buy now’ buttons not working, causing millions of dollars for each day the bug exists in production. Bugs that slip into production cause chaos, lose companies billions of dollars each year, and can destroy brands.


How Can Applitools Help?

Applitools created Visual AI that can scan a web application much like a human eye and brain would. It allows organizations to automate web tests faster, with more stability, greater accuracy and detecting more defects.

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