In the past few years, Cypress and Playwright have become major contenders for market share, and it’s no surprise why. Both frameworks have helpful features like automatic waiting, cross-browser support, and thorough tracing.

However, each has its own distinctive edge. Cypress aims for an intuitive visual experience with its browser window, while Playwright targets speed and multi-language support.

Rather than compile lists of feature comparisons, this match-up will be a battle of the code! Round for round, Filip and Andy will implement small coding challenges in JavaScript using Cypress and Playwright respectively, and then they will compare and contrast their solutions.

Cypress versus Playwright: Let the Code Speak

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Expert Speakers

Filip Hric
Filip Hric

Cypress Ambassador

Filip Hric is an official ambassador. With a background in psychology and counseling, Filip has a great passion for sharing what he has learned with the world by blogging, streaming, and creating videos and online courses. An instructor for Test Automation University, Filip is also the author of a highly-regarded Cypress workshop.

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

Playwright Ambassador

Andrew “Pandy” Knight is the Automation Panda and a software quality champion who loves to help people build better-quality software. A Playwright Ambassador and and Applitools Ambassador, he has also created a number of Test Automation University courses.

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