Testing web apps is still a hard problem. Apps are more complex than ever, and their pages must be validated against an exploding number of combinations of browsers, devices, and versions – an industry average of 81,480 screens to 681,296 for the top 33%.

Old-school tools like Selenium WebDriver still get the job done today, but old-school techniques for making assertions and running tests across different browsers can’t keep up. Why? They are inherently sloooooooooow: Slow to develop, slow to execute, and slow to maintain. It’s time to rethink how we automate web UI tests at scale for true Continuous Testing.

In this 1-hour workshop, Pandy Knight, the Automation Panda, will explain how to create ultrafast automated cross-browser tests using Applitools Eyes with Selenium WebDriver in Java, and how to integrate them into CI/CD to provide feedback on quality across all browser/device combinations in seconds.


  • The importance and evolution of cross-browser testing
  • Critical requirements for a scalable cross-browser testing initiative and pros/cons of different approaches
  • Implementing a modern cross-browser solution using Applitools Eyes with Selenium WebDriver in Java
  • Accelerating test automation with integration into CI/CD to achieve Continuous Testing
Modern Cross-Browser Testing with Selenium in Java

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Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

The Automation Panda

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