Learn how to effectively automate tests for your responsive apps and sites – in this on-demand webinar.

Automatically testing responsive sites and apps can be a challenge, due to the need to cover all supported layouts, their respective navigation, and visible content.

Watch this advanced session, where Applitools co-founder and CTO Adam Carmi implements a complete Selenium-based automated test for a popular responsive website from scratch.

Watch this webinar, and learn how to: 

  • Implement generic tests that work for all the layouts of your app
  • Control the browser’s viewport size in order to accurately target layout transition points
  • Incorporate layout-specific assertions in your tests
  • Effectively design responsive page objects
  • Visually validate the correctness of your app’s layout
  • Bonus: tips for planning and executing responsive website testing

Watch the webinar:

You can find Adam’s slide-deck here, and his code examples here.


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Written by Addie Ben-Yehuda