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Last week, we held the 5th Israeli Selenium Meetup at Google TLV Campus. Both meetup lectures were dedicated to automation of test processes: Wix rocked the room with their state-of-the-art test automation infrastructure and Yanir from Applitools shared Selenium tips & tricks

In the first sessionYanir Taflev, Applitools Customer Success Engineer, shared Selenium tips, tricks and best practices, useful for both beginners and experienced testers.

Yanir Taflev from Applitools at SeTLV Meetup

Yanir Taflev from Applitools at Selenium TLV Meetup

Yanir’s talk, which covered topics such as: working with frames, multiple windows, explicit and implicit waits, and screenshot taking, is available here: [slideshare id=37313961&doc=seleniumtipsntricks-meetup5-140724043435-phpapp01]

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Yanir here.

Following Wix’s excellent talk on large-scale Selenium automation, many of you requested to learn more on its Java-based automation framework. Wix obliged, and the meetup’s second session discussed this topic in depth.


Ilan Tal and Roi Ashkenazi from Wix’s Automation Team at SeTLV Meetup

Ilan Tal and Roi Ashkenazi from Wix Automation Team at Selenium TLV Meetup

Ilan Tal and Roi Ashkenazi from Wix’s Automation Team dove deep into the infrastructure of Wix Selenium-based automation, covering the test lab structure, parallel tests execution, and test context initialization.

Check out Wix presentation here.

Wix at SeTLV Meetup

Wix presentation at Selenium TLV Meetup

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Written by Applitools Team