Applitools, Visual AI Recognized in SD Times 100 for Second Year in A Row

We are excited to share that Applitools has been recognized in the 2019 SD Times 100 Awards for ‘Best in Show’  in software development for the ‘Testing 2019’ category. This is the second year in a row that we have been recognized in the SD Times 100 for Testing.

The SD Times 100 has been honoring outstanding companies in software development and delivery for 16 years. The award recognizes companies that are the leaders, innovators, and influencers in the software development market and spans ten categories from DevOps, low code, big data, and more.

How are the SD Times 100 finalists selected?

The SD Times editorial team takes a careful review of each company within the ten categories to determine the strength of each offering, the product or services’ reputation, and the “buzz” around the company – are they prevalent and talked about in the market? We’re honored to be considered one of the companies shaping the software industry.

In fact, there’s been a lot of momentum building over the past year and we’ve made great efforts to both contribute to the software testing community and keep our AI powered visual testing and monitoring tool, Applitools Eyes, on the bleeding edge. Below are the latest advancements that kept Applitools in the running for the SD Times 100 this year:

  • Ultrafast Grid: our Ultrafast Grid delivers the world’s fastest cross-device cross-browser rendering platform, by using lightweight container technology. How fast is it? We’ve seen people run 100 tests in just 20 seconds. Running more tests, in less time, lets you gain greater tests coverage and release higher quality apps.
  • Applitools Root Cause Analysis (RCA): our RCA helps you pinpoint the cause of bugs in your frontend application code within minutes, eliminating hours from traditional bug diagnosis practices and letting you keep software projects and digital transformation initiatives on track.
  • 2019 State of Automated Visual Testing Report: conducted as an independent survey of over 350 companies, the data outlines research findings for visual testing and quality and identifies key patterns that drive excellence in Application Visual Management. For instance, companies with significant Automated Visual Testing release 2.8x faster, and have a 3x improvement in quality, with fewer visual bugs escaping. If you need to persuade your management to invest in visual UI testing, check out this report.
  • Test Automation University: in January 2019 we kicked off this free, community-driven educational training courses aimed at keeping software testing skills up to date and sharp. This initiative is led by Senior Developer Advocate and test automation legend, Angie Jones. There are now thousands of students enrolled, and 18 courses available. Each course can be taken on your own time with badges, certificates, and other perks for completing each course. We’ve been so humbled by the support of Test Automation University!

The most exciting part is there is so much more coming from us in the near future! Thanks again to SD Times for recognizing us in the 2019 SD Times 100 Awards.

If you’d like all of your apps and sites to be visually perfect, reach out or sign up for a free Applitools account.


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About the author

Al Sargent started coding at age 10, wrote his first computer game at 12, and by 13, got sent to the principal’s office for skipping class to code. Decades later, he’s now Vice President of Product Marketing at Applitools. He loves the process of crafting stories about technology: understanding customers and users, what they care about, and how they use software in their jobs and lives. Prior to Applitools, Al helped create the world’s first software-testing cloud, Sauce Labs; drive the fastest-growing business unit at VMware; advance market-changing open source technologies such as Spring and Cloud Foundry; and build a new software category — Software Analytics — at New Relic.

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