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When we added Applitools Visual AI + Ultrafast Grid to our test generation framework, we were able to decrease test authoring time to under 5 minutes per test, while increasing test coverage, reducing build time, and achieving a 99% pass rate.
Greg Sypolt
Greg Sypolt EVERFI
VP Quality Assurance
I love how Applitools Eyes has the smarts to ignore minor visual differences in your components, especially when testing on different browser types where it’s easy for layout to be off by a pixel.
Kent Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and creator of
Applitools took us from 30 hours of manual testing per release to only 2 hours spent on the same tasks.
Johnathan Thomas Transunion
We save 4 working days per month with Applitools. In my book, this means another 2 months of available man-hours.
Nir Pinchas WalkMe

Enhance your entire testing
strategy with Visual AI

We reduce the time it takes to create, execute, and maintain automated tests by replacing traditional functional testing with artificial intelligence. Applitools reduces manual work across the entire testing process like test creation, analysis, maintenance, and execution and allows teams to test an exponential amount of their application.

Boost Test Coverage To Infinite…And Beyond

By testing with Visual AI, the bottlenecks of test coverage are completely eliminated. Applitools will validate all elements of an interface, including text, images, layouts, videos, etc. without needing for your team to spend hours planning out testing scenarios or writing test assertions.

Applitools proactively monitors your user interface to help boost test coverage and eliminate the chance for any bugs to slip into production.

Test Everything Your Users Are Doing…and Seeing

Testing with Visual AI goes past traditional functional testing and validates not only that the system is working, and data is returned correctly, but also that the interface itself is looking correctly on any size screen or device.

For End-to-End scenarios like eCommerce checkout flows, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your cart works and that it looks exactly as it should.

Automate The Hardest Part Of Testing With A Simple Click

Visual AI groups together bugs that have similar traits – like ones that occur across different screen sizes, browsers, devices, and other properties. Or bugs happen in components, but might affect hundreds of different pages or interfaces. By grouping them together, Applitools accelerates analysis of test results and all but eliminates the painful repetition of updating tests.

Test the web, mobile, PDFs…Any type of User Interface

Visual AI doesn’t require a DOM or schema structure to be present in an interface to validate it accurately. This allows teams to test complex applications that use technologies like Canvas, WebGL, and SAP without relying on flaky locators to power automation. It also means that Visual AI can easily test media and documents like PDFs, Images, Kiosks and more!

Replace thousands of lines
of test code with a single command.

Adding Visual AI to your entire testing suite takes just a few minutes and
dramatically increases the speed, reliability, and accuracy of your entire testing process.


Teams spend hours writing assertions for limited parts of the application that need to be re-written every time a change is made to the UI.


Teams spend minutes covering their entire application with EyesCheck, then quickly verify results and changes in the dashboard.

The benefits of a
fundamentally new way to test

Validate full pages, regions, and components with one command

Visual AI can compare snapshots of applications, documents, and more.

Handle actively shifting, personalized, or dynamic content

Choose to ignore regions or set the level of fidelity of each test.

Get coverage all browsers & devices in just seconds

Test across hundreds of browsers and iOS or Android Devices.

Automate test review &

Automate the reviewing of defects at scale with intelligent auto-maintenance.

Fix bugs quicker with Root Cause Analysis

Applitools identifies what parts of the DOM affected regressions.

Test for visual

Validate color contrasts and other visual compliance aspects of a UI.

See how Visual AI improves functional, visual, and accessibility testing.

The Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud can fundamentally change the way you test your application to improve test speed, efficiency, and reliability so that less bugs slip to customers.


Increase coverage and reduce maintenance with Visual AI powered functional and visual test automation.

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Ultrafast Grid

Next generation of cross browser and cross device testing accelerates functional & visual testing by up to 30x.

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Native Mobile Grid

Test native mobile applications across popular iOS and Android faster and more reliably than other grids.

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Easily integrate right into your entire workflow

Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud not only integrates with the testing tools you use, but with the SCM, CI/CD, Chat, and Bug Tracking tools that your team loves.

With a single line of code, enhance your favorite testing frameworks and tools

No need to replace your current test suites or learn something new. By adding the Applitools SDK to your favorite framework like Selenium, Appium, Cypress, and others, you’ll be able to immediately start visually testing your application.

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