AI powered Visual Testing & Monitoring
For a Visually Perfect Digital Experience at the Speed of Continuous Deployment
Test automation

Enhance existing tests with AI-powered visual verifications. Perfect for localization, usability, responsive design and cross device testing.

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Frontend development

Test everything you develop!
Test not only how the application functions, but also how your application looks.

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CI / CD and DevOps

Confidently release apps with a consistent user experience. Monitor your apps to detect service degradations and defacement.

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Digital Experience

Deliver apps that work flawlessly across any device or browser. Save hundreds of hours of manual testing and speed up releases.

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How does it work?

Applitools Eyes is available as a public or private cloud-service as well as on premise


You send us screenshots

With dozens of SDKs targeting all major programming languages and test frameworks, it takes minutes to enhance your existing tests with visual assertions that validate entire application pages at a time with a single line of code. We support web, mobile and desktop apps as well as PDF files and raw screenshots.


We report differences

Baseline images define the expected appearance of your app at each step of the test. AI-powered computer-vision algorithms instantly detect and report any difference found between screenshots and baselines. By emulating the human eye and brain, our algorithms only report differences that are perceptible to your users. No calibration, training, tweaking or thresholds are required.


You update baselines

Resolve thousands of differences in minutes by leveraging sophisticated algorithms that automatically analyze the differences detected across all your tests and generate a concise report showing only distinct ones. Easily zoom in on changes, indicate elements that are allowed to move or to be ignored, and approve new screenshots to be used as baselines for subsequent test runs.

Integrates with the tools you love

View test results and manage baselines directly from your CI server.
Open issues and chat with team members directly from your test results.

Trusted by hundreds of companies

Read customer stories

"Applitools transformed
an expensive manual testing
setup into a repeatable,
automated process, freeing up
valuable engineering time for
more feature development"

Peter Kim
Senior Software Engineer

"Applitools took us from
30 hours of manual testing per
week/release - to only 2 hours
spent on same tasks with
substantially increased coverage."

Jonathan Thomas
Senior QA Engineer

"Functional testing
before Applitools missed
a lot of visually broken screens.
We save 40 hours per release."

Amy Swanson Yates
Staff Quality Engineer

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