The Ultrafast Test Cloud Platform

The Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud platform consists of two core products, Applitools Eyes and Ultrafast Grid. The proven power of the Visual AI algorithms in Eyes provides unparalleled accuracy that can then be used to test across all browsers, devices, and viewports with Ultrafast Grid. While Applitools Eyes can run on its own, Ultrafast Grid can only be run together with Eyes as the Ultrafast Test Cloud Platform.

Ultrafast Grid

Ultrafast Grid represents the next generation of cross browser testing. With Ultrafast Grid, you run your functional & visual tests once locally and the grid instantly renders all screens across every combination of browsers, devices, and viewports you specify. Renders of each screen are then sent to Applitools Eyes for Visual AI analysis. This is all done with unprecedented security, stability, and speed, and with virtually no setup required. Learn more about Ultrafast Grid as part of our Ultrafast Test Cloud platform.

Leverage any of our over 50 SDKs to insert Visual AI powered assertions into your existing test code. Run your tests just once locally in the browser of your choice and let our SDK’s do the heavy lifting. Our SDK’s will automatically extract the object model of each page and instantly send it to Ultrafast Grid for parallel rendering across all specified browsers, devices and viewports. Each render is captured and sent to Eyes for Visual AI analysis. The Ultrafast Test Cloud is the fastest and most reliable platform for modern application and component testing with an overall 19X faster end to end workflow.

Diagram of the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud Platform when Ultrafast Grid and Applitools Eyes are combined for the next generation of cross browser testing.

Applitools Eyes

Applitools Eyes allows you to leverage Visual AI to capture functional and visual bugs that would otherwise slip into production. Visual AI replicates the human eyes and brain, looking at every screen of your web and mobile applications and instantly spotting functional & visual regressions, while ignoring differences that don’t matter. Learn more about Applitools Eyes. Eyes can be run on its own as shown in the diagram below, or in concert with the Ultrafast Grid as noted above.

Diagram of Applitools Eyes powered by Visual AI

Applitools SDKs and Integrations

A key part of the Applitools platform is how we integrate with your test frameworks and DevOps workflows. Our extensive set of SDKs and integrations allow developers to continue to use the tools they know and love, without any disruption or lengthy rollout process. We include SDKs for more than 50 testing framework and language combinations for easy implementation into your existing tests. The broad range of SDKs and our commitment to the testing community ensures not only will we work with your existing framework, but we will grow with you as your testing needs and frameworks evolve over time.

Read more about our SDKs and integrations with systems for CI/CD, bug tracking, source control, and collaboration.

The team at Applitools has taken a fresh approach to cross browser testing with the Ultrafast Grid. While traditional cloud testing platforms are subject to false positives and slow execution, Applitools’ unique ability to run Visual AI in parallel containers can give your team the unfair advantage of stability, speed, and improved coverage. This modern approach to testing is something that all DevOps professionals should strongly consider.
Igor Draskovic BNY Mellon
VP, Developer Specialist

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