Visual Validation for iOS, Android, Win8 on any Device and Form-Factor

Applitools Eyes will automatically validate that your app looks and behaves the same on all devices, operating systems and form-factors.

Functional Test Automation Made Easy

Any functional test that a manual tester can perform on your mobile app through the User Interface can be automated in minutes using Applitools Eyes.

Full Page Scanning

With Applitools Eyes, you no longer need to add validation tests for specific fields on your mobile app. Applitools Eyes automatically validates an entire window, including all UI objects in a single scan. You can mark specific regions in your app as ‘ignorable’ regions (e.g. a frame on your mobile app which includes changing advertisement) to prevent false positives.

Works on any Mobile Application

Applitools Eyes’ revolutionary image processing technology makes it fully independent of the technology and language that is used to develop your mobile application. We support any UI technology and programming language.

Automatic Mockup Validation

With Applitools Eyes you can automatically test your mobile application compared to the mockups provided by your product manager or graphic designer to ensure your app looks exactly like it was designed.

Super Easy Test maintenance

Test maintenance is as easy and intuitive as using your smartphone. When analyzing test results, any change you perform on one test will automatically propagate to all relevant tests, making sure that you won’t need to repeat similar test maintenance activities across different tests. Approved test changes on one platform/resolution are automatically applied to all other tests, platforms and screen-resolutions.

Logical Test Playback

Applitools Eyes provides a logical playback of your test with snapshots of each step in the test to highlight failures. This allows anyone in your team to instantly identify defects and saves time and effort in trying to understand and reproduce failures. Applitools’ unique image processing and modeling techniques allow you to store full history of your test results without exhausting your storage capacity.

Smooth CI Integration

Applitools Eyes will seamlessly integrate with your existing CI system to add visual validation to your app and significantly reduce the overhead involved in releasing a new version or build.