Automated testing of all the visual aspects of your application

One simple test validates all the fields on a given screen.No need to write separate test for each UI element on the screen


Easy integration with existing test automation and ALM frameworks

Test automation tools: Selenium, Appium, MS Coded UI, HP QTP (coming soon) and more.ALM tools: HP QC, MS TFS, IBM Rational Quality Manager, Atlassian, Rally and more.Cloud testing environments.


Seamless testing on multiple platforms, screen-resolutions and form-factors

Define expected results or volatile areas for one browser, one screen resolution or one form factor and all tests would automatically be updated in all browsers, all screen resolutions and all form factors.
Any change in your application should only be approved once in one specific test and all other tests would automatically be updated for all browsers, all screen resolutions and all form factors


Visual self-explanatory logs

No more reading of complex text-based failure logs.
Visual test timeline points you immediately to any failed steps.
Smart visual test playback shows step by step the user actions and the screen displays during a test.