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Cross browser testing ensures that your websites and web applications looks right and works right on any type of browser, OS, or screen size. In today’s multi-screen world, cross browser testing is more important than ever.

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is the process of running automated UI tests across a matrix of browser, device, and viewport combinations.

Today, many cloud providers use virtual machines to run functional tests across the entire matrix. This approach is dated, and results in slow builds, false positives, and few, if any, bugs uncovered.

Applitools leverages Visual AI for a fresh approach to cross browser testing that is fast, secure, and stable.

Is Cross Browser Testing Important?

At Applitools, we believe that cross browser testing is critically important and should be considered in your test plan if you need to support multiple browsers, devices and viewports.  We recommend testing once functionally and using the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud to ensure perfection across all browsers, devices and viewports. This adds a level of security, speed and stability to your builds ensuring you delivery on time.

18.2x Faster Test Cycles with Ultrafast Test Cloud

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Reduce locators by 91% with Ultrafast Test Cloud

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Our CI environment executes tens of thousands of Visual AI powered tests against the grid each month. Since implementing it, we’ve been able to remove frail functional tests from our ecosystem and achieve a 99.8% pass percentage.  We are faster, more stable, and ship with confidence with Applitools Visual AI running on the Ultrafast Grid.
Mike Millgate Gannett
Technical Quality Architect

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