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See how Applitools helps build visually perfect digital experiences

Learn how the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud can fundamentally change the way you test your application to improve test speed, efficiency, and reliability to ultimately catch more bugs.

Applitools Eyes

Increase coverage and reduce maintenance with Visual AI powered functional and visual test automation.

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Ultrafast Grid

Next generation of cross browser and cross device testing accelerates functional & visual testing by up to 30x.

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Native Mobile Grid

Test native mobile applications across popular iOS and Android faster and more reliably than other grids.

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Seamless Integration

The Applitools platform integrates with all modern test frameworks, source control, build servers, and collaboration tools.

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When we added Applitools Visual AI + Ultrafast Grid to our test generation framework, we were able to decrease test authoring time to under 5 minutes per test, while increasing test coverage, reducing build time, and achieving a 99% pass rate.
Greg Sypolt
Greg Sypolt EVERFI
VP Quality Assurance
I love how Applitools Eyes has the smarts to ignore minor visual differences in your components, especially when testing on different browser types where it’s easy for layout to be off by a pixel.
Kent Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and creator of

Improve productivity at every phase of the testing cycle

Applitools helps development and QA teams drastically reduce the amount of test code they write, time spent running and fixing tests, and the time spent analyzing the results.

With a single line of code, add Visual Testing to your favorite frameworks and tools

No need to replace your current test suites or learn something new. By adding the Applitools SDK to your favorite framework like Selenium, Appium, Cypress, and others, you’ll be able to immediately start visually testing your application.

Easily integrate right into your entire workflow

Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud not only integrates with the testing tools you use, but with the SCM, CI/CD, Chat, and Bug Tracking tools that your team loves.

🏆 Latest News: Applitools Recognized as Testing Leader by Industry and Customers 🏆

Applitools wins Leading Vendor award, named fastest growing software testing vendor and category leader by Industry and Customers

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