7 Must-read Selenium Tutorials

Selenium has so many things going for it. It is open-source. It has a huge community, and it’s accessible in just about every language you can imagine.

However, if you are new to Selenium, stuck on specific ways to leverage the drivers, or on the hunt for tools to run your perfect scripts, it can be a challenge. Here are top 7 tutorials to make your life a little easier.

The first thing you need to do with Selenium is create your scripts (Test Cases). You can use Firefox IDE, or you can implement your scripts in the language of your choice, using the appropriate Selenium reference, and your favorite browsers driver.  Here are three posts to get you introduced to the platform: 

1)  Writing your First Test Case In Selenium WebDriver (via Software Testing Mentor)

2) Selenium Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Selenium in 7 Days (Guru99)

3) Creating your First Script in Selenium IDE (via Udemy)

Once you have your basic Selenium script, you need to do a test run, and you might need to investigate more complex scripting, such as getting access to authentication only pages.  Check out these two tutorials:

4) Using Selenium to Test User Login (via StackOverflow)

5) Using Selenium to test page performance (via Dean Hume)

And finally once you have done your test runs, and have your perfect scripts, you need to find a great tool to run them. There are tools that can take the results and analyze them, like Applitools does with screenshots from your application: an automated element-based validation of your app’s visual and functional layout correctness (which is awesome if you encounter loads of “false-fails” with standard pixel-by-pixel screenshot comparison tools, which, in turn, require a lot of manual QA).

And there are tools that provide the resources to run your test on a browser grid, so you do not have to use local machines. In any case, you want to leverage these tools in the right way. Check out these two posts:

1.)   Selenium Infrastructure at Salesforce, and their considerations (video)

2.)   Selenium Best Practices (via Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice blog)

If you are new to Selenium getting started can be daunting because it will seem like everyone has fast-forwarded to the advanced stuff. If you are already familiar with creating basic scripts, it’s sometimes hard to find the best tool, and the best way to create more complex scripts representing complete user flows.

However, there are so many great resources mentioned above. Be specific when you do your searches, and ask your tool vendor for suggestions. We hope this post gave you a good jump start over the learning curve, and helped you become a Selenium master.

Got great Selenium tutorials to add to our list? We’d love to hear about them! Please comment below.

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