Test results page views

You can use the main panel view selection toolbar to choose what information displays on the Test results page.

The information displayed in these views overlaps to some extent. Each view is optimized to present information at a particular level (batch, test, or step) or for a specific type of information, and provides functionality that is relevant to that level or information.

In the views that display the step thumbnail, all the step level functionality is available.

Batch summary

This view shows graphs that provide a visual summary of key test characteristics, including the percentage of resolved versus unresolved steps, the percentage of tests that have passed, the browsers and operating systems the tests ran on, and more.

No test or step information

No test or step features

Batch details

This view focuses on information at the test level. It provides a table of all the tests in the batch (one per row) along with some key information, such as the test status, execution environment, and the viewport sizes.

You can sort, group, and filter the tests by various criteria. You can select a subset of the tests and take actions, such as accepting/rejecting all steps and assigning or deleting selected tests.

There are also actions you can take that are specific to this view:

  • Mark a test with a "star" so that you can search for it later
  • Force the state of the test into a Passed or Failed state irrespective of the step status
  • Add test remarks
  • Assign a test to a team member

If you click on a test, then it expands to reveal a subset of its step thumbnails. You can scroll to see all steps in the test.

For more information see Batch details view

Full test information

Test-specific features

Selected test features

Test filtering

Group by similarity

Group by similar differences

Batch steps

In this view, you can see all the steps in the batch, irrespective of the test they were captured in.

You cannot take any test actions in this view, but you can filter the tests and group them by similar differences.

For more information see Batch steps view

No test information

No test features

Test filtering

Group by similarity

Issues & remarks

In this view, you can see all the remarks and issues entered in steps in the current batch.

You can click on any issue or remark to enter the test editor with that issue or remark displayed.

For more information see Issues and remarks view

No test information

No test features

Step filtering

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