Using the Eyes/Rally integration

Eyes provides a tool to annotate step images with issue regions. This provides a way to mark, describe and communicate issues you find while reviewing test results. In addition, Eyes allows you to associate a Rally work item with the issue region. Creating issue regions is described in the article

This article describes how to associate an Eyes issue with a Rally issue. From within the Eyes issue region dialog, you can request to create a Rally issue. To enable and configure this feature, see the article Setting up the Rally/Eyes integration.

The Eyes Rally integration allows you to:

Background - accessing the Eyes issue dialog

All of the available actions you can do related to Rally are taken from the issue region dialog. You can enter this dialog in one of the following ways:

  • If you have not yet created the Eyes issue, then, from the Test editor or Step editor, create a new Eyes issue by clicking on the icon, marking a rectangular area on the baseline or checkpoint image, and, in the dialog that opens, entering a title and clicking Create. The issue dialog will open. For more information on creating Eyes issues see Add issue and remark regions to the step images.
  • If the Eyes issue already exists, you can open the Eyes issue dialog by clicking on the issue icon in the Test editor or Step editor step image.
  • You can also open the issue dialog from the main Test Results page in the Issues and remarks view by clicking on the issue in the list of issues displayed.

Create a new Rally issue

To create a new Rally issue from the Eyes issues dialog, do as follows:

  • If the dialog includes a Not logged in to Rally status and the Create new Rally issue is grayed out, then click Log in and in the dialog that opens enter a user name and password, and click Log in.
  • Click on the Create new Rally issue button menu. There are options to create a new Rally issue or to link to an existing Rally issue. Here we explain how to create a new Rally issue. For a description of how to link to an existing issue see Link to an existing Rally issue
  • Click on Create new Rally issue. Eyes opens a dialog and asks you to select the Project name to which this Rally work item should be added. The project names displayed in the pulldown menu are configured as part of the Eyes/Rally integration. If only one project is configured then this will be preselected.
  • All the fields defined by the admin have default values. If you want to change the default value click on the Edit field default values.
  • Click Submit to complete creation of the Rally work item, or cancel to abort creating the work item.
  • The Rally button will now display View in Rally. If you want to add or change any other Rally specific fields, click on this button and a new browser pane will open to the work item details page on Rally.

Link to an existing Rally issue

If you want to link a new or existing Eyes issue to an existing Rally issue, then from the Eyes issue region dialog do as follows:

  • Click on the Rally button menu selector and choose the option Link to an existing issue. Link to an existing Rally issue
  • In the dialog that opens, enter the Rally working item URL and click OK. The URL is the entire URL when you are looking at the workitem in Rally

Navigate to a Rally issue linked with an Eyes issue

  • Open the Eyes issues dialog for an existing Eyes issue.
  • Click on the View in Rally button.
  • Test manager opens a new browser tab loaded with the linked Rally work item.

Disconnect from a Rally issue

If you've linked an Eyes issue to a Rally issue and want to unlink it, then in the Eyes issues dialog, click on the button menu selector to the right of the View in Rally field, select the Disconnect from Rally option, and then click the Confirm button.