The Branch baselines page

The Branch baselines page shows information about the baselines Defines the sequence of images to which the sequence of images captured at checkpoints will be compared. A test can have multiple baselines, each of which is characterized by the execution environment it ran on (operating system, browser and viewport size). A baseline can have instances in multiple branches. in a branch and provides tools to manage these baselines.

The main tasks you can achieve using this page are:

  1. Delete baselines from a branch. See Deleting baselines
  2. Copy baselines to another branch. See Copying baselines between branches.
  3. View the history of a baseline. See The Baseline history page .
  4. View the results of the test run that most recently used a baseline. See View the results of the latest run of a baseline .
  5. View the results of the test run that most recently updated the selected baseline. See View the results of the test run which updated a baseline

Page layout

The screenshot below shows the page in the Baseline details view, (one of three views that are available) and points to the four key elements on the page:

These elements are used as follows:

Branch selector
Use this when you first enter this page to select which the branch whose baselines you want to see.
Summary panel
In this panel, you can see the number of baselines and applications, the number of variations of the execution environments An execution environment is defined as a triplet of <OS, browser, viewport size>. When a test runs, its execution environment is defined by the platform on which the test runs, or, if run on the Ultrafast Grid, by the configuration of the Ultrafast Grid. A baseline is also associated with an execution environment. By default, the baseline chosen for a test is the baseline that has the same application name, test name, and execution environment as the test. Note that if the initial page in a test is not a secure web page, the execution environment may report the wrong OS or browser version. , and the number of maintainers (people who saved a baseline) in the branch.
Use the tools in this toolbar to select rows, delete and copy baselines, choose the current view, refresh and filter the list.
Main panel
You can choose to see one of three different views in this panel:
  1. the baselines
  2. the steps of the baselines
  3. the comments made in the baselines.

Using the Branch baseline page

To use this page :

  1. Navigate to this page by selecting the Branch baselines entry of the page navigator The Page navigator is a control at the top of the Test manager window that is used to switch between the main pages of the Test manager. It also displays the name of the current page..
  2. Select the branch you want using the branch selector.
  3. Select the view you want from the toolbar:

Viewing branch summary information

At the top of the page, you can see summary information about the baselines associated with the branch :

The summary displays the following information:
The total number of baselines.
The number of different application names.
The number of different browsers.
The number of different Operating Systems.
The number of viewport size variations.
The number of team members that have done "Save" on a baseline in this branch (automatic save counts as a team member).