The baseline steps view

The branch baseline and test baseline pages provide tools in the toolbar that allow you to choose from three different views:

Page layout

When you first enter this page, make sure that the branch is set to the branch you are interested in. See Selecting a branch on a page for more details.

In the baseline steps view, you can see the thumbnail images of all the steps of all the baselines associated with the currently selected branch.

The thumbnail image of each step shows the baseline image associated with the step.

If there are many steps in the view, you can make it easier to look for a particular step or compare steps by:
  1. Using the filter tool in the toolbar to limit the steps that you see, to those that meet the criteria you specify.
  2. Organizing the baselines into a hierarchy by using the tool.

See Filtering and grouping in baseline views for more information on these tools.

Step thumbnail features

If you hover your cursor over the thumbnail a dialog will open showing you information about the step:

If you click on the step thumbnail, then the baseline viewer will be displayed, and you will be able to view the baseline image and any annotations that have been made. See The Baseline viewer for details.

If you hover over the bottom of a thumbnail, you will be offered the following options:
  • Clicking on this icon will open the step viewer on this step.
  • Clicking on this icon will display a menu that will offer you the following options:
    Filter by same
    Hovering over this option will let you set the filter to show only steps with the same Browser, OS or Viewport as this step (one option only).
    Open in baseline viewer
    Clicking this option will open the baseline viewer on this step. See The Baseline viewer
    Open in step viewer
    Clicking this option will open the step viewer on this step.