General Concepts

  • Using viewports in Eyes

    The viewport defines the "window" into your application. This article discusses where this comes into play.

  • How to organize your tests with batches.

    This article explains the notion of the batch and provides an index to other topics that show to use batches in the SDK and the Test manager.

  • How to use Match Levels

    The match level provides a way for a user to control how similar the checkpoint baseline images need to be, in order to be considered "matched". This article desscribes the various match levels and how to apply them to all checkpoints or to a specific checkpoint or region in a checkpoint.

  • Working with cross-environment tests

    This article describes how to do cross environment testing, which allows you to test your application on multiple platforms using a single, common baseline.

  • How Eyes compares checkpoints and baseline images

    This article discusses how Eyes compares a test to a baseline where each of these is compromised of a sequence of checkpoints that may have changed over time.

  • Accessibility testing - the Contrast advisor

    This article describes how to use Eyes check if your content meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) contrast ratio guidelines.

  • Baseline variations

    This article describes how Eyes supports A/B testing by allowing you to have multiple variations of a baseline image.