The Baseline viewer

This page allows you to look at the baseline image and annotations of all the steps in a baseline. It is similar to the baseline editor that can be opened from the test result page, but the information in the viewer is "read-only" and can not be changed.

The page has the following parts:

Summary panel
Displays the test and application name, the test branch, and the details of the execution environmentThe execution environment is defined by the browser, operating system and viewport size when the test was started. These values, along with the application name, test name and branch name determine the baseline that will be used in a run..
Zoom Controls
Allows you to change the size of the displayed image in the browser, so you can choose to see the entire image or to focus on the details in one part of the image. For more details see Test editor zoom controls.
Visible layer selector
Allows you to select what information is overlaid on the baseline image. You can choose between diffs, Remarks & Issues, Regions and the Viewport Size. For more details see Test editor select visible layer
Timeline navigator
Allows you to change which step of the test is displayed. For more details see Step navigator control.