Compare two baseline revisions

You can compare two revisions of a baseline on the history page. Navigate to the The Baseline history page page from the The Branch baselines page or The Apps & tests page.

You now have a few ways to compare two revisions:

  1. You can compare a revision to the latest revision, or to the previous revision by using the row menu on the row of that revision and selecting Compare with latest or Compare with previous respectively.
  2. You can compare a revision to any revision in the history list by doing as follows:
    • Hover over the Revision column of one revision and clicking the copy icon .
    • On the revision you want to compare it to, hover over the row menu and select Compare with - a compare with Dialog will open.
    • Paste the copied revision number into the text box in the dialog by pressing control V.
    • Click Compare to proceed with the comparison or Cancel to cancel the comparison.
    • The compare baselines viewer will open. See The Compare baselines viewer for details.