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Troubleshooting common issues

Forgetting to set your API key (or getting 401 exception).

Resolution: See here and here

Applitools is not opening the app (appears to crash).

In order to make sure the screenshots are consistent across different tests runs. Applitools uses Viewport as an input. A viewport is simply the size of the screenshot you are taking (width and height). Applitools tries to resize the browser to that size before taking the screenshot. If you are running the app on a small laptop and/or have set the Viewport much larger than the laptop’s screen, then you’ll see this error.

Solution: Reduce the height or the width. For more see here.

Not properly loading the API key from the environment variable into your IDE (like Eclipse).

After setting the APPLITOOLS_API_KEY in the environment variable to hold your Applitools API key, open the IDE from the command line terminal (and not from the IDE directly). On Mac, it’d look like this: Open a Terminal and then type: open ~/Applications/ This will load Eclipse with all the environment variables.

Also be sure to review Registering an account.

Trying to run the test but nothing happens

Check if the APPLITOOLS_API_KEY is null.

Incompatibility between Chrome browser and Chrome driver.

Make sure for your version of Google Chrome, you are using the corresponding Chrome driver.

Debug logs

See this article to enable debug logs to help file support ticket.