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What is Applitools Eyes?

Applitools is a revolutionary platform for testing any type of user interface using Artificial Intelligence, including websites, web applications, native mobile apps, documents and media, and more. Where traditional testing uses automation tools to build tests that interact and validate scenarios like a machine, Applitools uses AI to validate thousands of elements and scenarios nearly instantly - interacting with the UI as a human would.

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The Challenges Of UI Testing

In software testing, the primary goal is to validate the expected outcomes of a scenario. When it comes to testing user interfaces (UIs) with traditional tool sets like Selenium, Cypress, or even codeless tools, this can be extremely challenging. That's because these tools use static locators and assertions to interact with the application and validate. This means that to increase coverage, you’ll have to increase the number of assertions. This leads to many challenges since:

  • Modern UIs have too many elements to test with individual assertions
  • There are too many screen-sizes and browsers for them to test across
  • Each time a UI changes, assertions need to be rewritten

How Applitools Is different

By separating test interaction and test validation, Applitools has been able to add AI to the validation process - helping verify the state of the entire UI in a given scenario - mapping and measuring thousands of elements, text, and images nearly instantly.

With Visual AI, you can replace your traditional test assertions with a single checkpoint powered by AI that is capable of validating thousands of elements in just seconds.

Benefits of Visual AI

There are several benefits to the way Applitools decouples validation and interaction:

Faster test creation

Applitools enables your development team to build comprehensive end-to-end tests faster, reducing the need to write an assertion for each element or feature.

Improved test coverage

With Applitools, our smart assertions validate the entire interface with a single command. Simply steer Applitools torwards the interface you'd like to validate, and we'll map and organize every element with our algorithims and detect any meaningful changes in the future.

Automated analysis and maintenance

As new, expected changes are made to the UI, baselines are automatically updated and any deviations will be caught. This means that there is no need to create new tests for added functionality or update tests for changes. Simply accept the new baseline, and you've "created" a new test that validates the entire interface.

Test different types of content

Visual AI is not limited to traditional web and mobile applications. It can also be effectively used for testing PDF documents and other media, ensuring accuracy and correctness across a range of digital materials

Self-healing infrastructure reduces test flakiness

Teams can run their tests on Applitools Execution Cloud, intelligent test infrastructure that heals tests that fail due to small changes in the UI's locators.

Testing is democratized

Visual AI enables teams of varying skill-sets to collate around a single platform for testing: with an easy to use UI image as the foundation.

Use Cases

Functional Testing

Catch functional egressions involving text changes, form input errors, navigation issues, calculation errors, spelling errors, and more with Visual AI.

Visual Testing

Find hard to spot errors like misaligned elements, overlapping elements, incorrect font or brand usage, wrong color schemes, missing elements, and more.

Accessibility Testing

Run accessibility tests using Contrast Advisor to make sure users are able to see your application without added impairment.

Localization Testing

For teams expanding globally, Visual AI allows teams to create baselines for each language and allowing SMEs to easily take part in the verification process.

A/B Test Coverage

Applitools Multibaseline feature enables teams to create multiple baselines to increase coverage for their A/B experiements in a single click.

Audits & Compliance

Validate PDFs and other legal documents at scale with Applitools

Brand Risk Mitigation

Catch errors in your Brand digital experience earlier than ever with the only automation tool built to test how your users see the app.

Leveraging the Applitools platform

Applitools Eyes offers multiple add-ons to support complex automated testing workflows.