The Account page

The Account page displays the general account settings and account usage limits, and lists the account Admins and their details. The details in the General and Limits sections appear for informative purposes, and can only be changed by Applitools account managers. Managing the users that appear in the Admins section is the responsibility of the company's Account administrator.

Account page layout

You access the Account page by clicking the Account tile on the Admin panel.

Upgrading an account

You upgrade an account so your company or organization can acquire additional product features and usage.

To upgrade an Applitools Eyes account:
  1. Enter the Account page.
  2. Click Upgrade in the General section.
  3. Click the tile for the plan that you are interested in and then click Request upgrade.

The Request upgrade action sends a message to the Applitools sales group and a sales representative will contact you.

View account details

The Account page groups the account parameters as General, Limits and Admins. This section describes each parameter.

The name of the unit managing the account. This may be an organization/company or a sub-group within an organization/company.
An internal ID that you may be asked for when receiving support from Applitools.
Describes the type of account that your organization uses. Specific information on the types of plan and their feature sets is available on the Applitools website's pricing page. For more information see Applitools Pricing.
Plan started
The date that the plan started.
Plan expires
The date that the plan ends. You must renew your plan on or before this date to continue using the Applitools service.
Monthly checkpoints
The number of checkpoints that are authorized to be executed per month.
Monthly test concurrency
The maximum number of tests that are allowed to run in parallel.
Monthly component checkpoints
The number of checkpoints that are allowed to be executed for testing UI components per month.
Monthly component test concurrency
The maximum number of tests that are allowed to run in parallel for testing components.
The maximum number of users that are allowed to be members of the account or the account teams.
The number of listed users that are only allowed to view test results. Viewers may not update or delete baselines or delete test results.

The Admins section lists the account administrators. An account administrator can add or remove any number of account users as additional account or team administrators. The section lists the User name and Full name of each user that can function as an account administrator. Account administrators can create and remove teams, designate team admins, manage team memberships, and access the test results of all the teams that belong to an account.

For more information, see Setting user permissions on the Teams page.

Making a user an account admin

To add a user as an account admin:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Account page
  2. Click in the User to add text box and select the user you want to add. You can start typing the name and the list will be filtered to include only names that include the text you typed.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Repeat this step to add more users.