Display a test's baselines

You can see a list of baselines for a given test in a given branch from either the Apps and test page or from the Branch baselines page. This article describes how to do it from the Apps & test   page. See The Branch baselines page for a description of how to do it from the Branch baselines page.

To see all the baselines of a test in a given branch, do as follows:

  • Navigate to the Apps & tests page.
  • Find the test application in the left panel and click on it. The main panel will be updated with all the tests of the application.
  • Look for the test name of the test you want and click on it (or choose Show baselines from the row menu ).
  • The display will change to the Test Baselines page, which displays all the baselines associated with that test on the default branch (or the last branch you used on any page).
  • Select the branch you want from the branch selector.
  • The main panel of the page shows a list of all the baselines for the selected application, test and branch.