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BatchInfoPlain type

Call the Configuration.setBatch method or Eyes.setBatch method with an object of this type to configure the batch for one or more tests.

See How to group tests into batches using the SDK for details and an example.

id property


batchInfo = { id: value_string };

Type: string

The unique id of the batch. If not passed, or passed as None, and the environment variable APPLITOOLS_BATCH_ID is defined, then the value of the environment variable will be used as the id. If the environment variable is not defined then a unique internal id will be generated and used. Since this value is unique for each test run, if you do not set the id explicitly you can only batch tests that run in the current test run.

name property


batchInfo = { name: value_string };

Type: string

The name of the batch.

notifyOnCompletion property


batchInfo = { notifyOnCompletion: value_boolean };

Type: boolean

If this value is true then a notification will be sent.

properties property


batchInfo = {
properties: [value1_PropertyDataPlain, value2_PropertyDataPlain],

Type: PropertyDataPlain[]

Pass one or more name/value pairs.


sequenceName property


//typical code sequence using sequenceName
let batchInfo = { name: "myBatchName", sequenceName: "mySequenceName" };

Type: string

The name to be assigned to the batch sequence


If you do not set this attribute and the environment variable APPLITOOLS_BATCH_SEQUENCE is defined, then the value of the environment variable will be used as the sequence name. If the environment variable is not defined, then the batch will not be associated with any sequence name.

startedAt property


batchInfo = { startedAt: value };



The date and time that will be displayed in the Test Manager as the batch start time.