Accepting and rejecting steps in the Batch details view

Accepting and rejecting steps in the Batch details view can be performed for all the steps in a selected test results as well as for individual steps within that result. When selecting an entire test, all the steps within the test result are accepted or rejected as a group. However, when selecting individual steps within a test, each step within the test is accepted or rejected independently.

To accept or reject a number of selected steps :

  1. In the Test editor, click to open the Batch details view.

  2. Click the checkbox at the beginning of each test result row for which you want to accept or reject steps.

  3. In the toolbar, click the Selection menu and then select Accept or Reject.

To accept or reject one step at a time:

  1. Click in a test result row to show the step thumbnail images for the test.
  2. Hover over a thumbnail image to display the thumbnail toolbar.
  3. In the thumbnail toolbar, click to accept the step, or click to reject the step.

Once a step has been accepted or rejected, the user name parameter of the user that performed the action is available on the tooltip on the thumbnail in the Test results page and in the Baseline history page.

For more information see Accepting and rejecting steps