Using the group by tool in the Test results view

In the Test results view you can use the control to arrange the tests (in Batch details view icon ) or steps (in Batch steps view icon ) in hierarchical groups based on one or more of the following criteria :

Steps or baselines have the same application name.
Steps or baselines are on the same branch.
Steps or baselines ran in the same browser
> Steps or baselines were rendered for the same device on the Ultrafast Grid.
Steps or baselines ran that used the same baseline environment.
Steps or baselines that were tested on the same operating system name.
Test name
The baselines or steps have the same test name.
The baselines or steps ran with the same viewport size.
Assigned to
The baselines or steps are assigned to the same person.

To choose a criteria, click and select the required criteria. You can select multiple criteria, Eyes will display a hierarchical tree arranged in the order that you requested.

For example, to see what browsers and viewport size variations your baselines have been tested against you can choose the Browser and Viewport attributes and then your display will show: