SIDE Eyes Global settings menu

You can set up various options for SIDE Eyes using the global settings dialog. These options apply across all projects. You can navigate to the global options menu as follows:
  • Click on the icon at the top of the browser window.
  • Click on the "Open global settings" link.
  • A Dialog box is displayed with a number of tabs, each of these tabs and the related features is described below.
  • On the Chrome browser, you can also open the options dialog by navigating to chrome://extensions, and, clicking on the Details button for the SIDE Eyes extension and then clicking on "Extension options" field in the details page.

The Tests tab

The tests option tab allows you to enable or disable the following features by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the options and then clicking on the Confirm button:

Enable/Disable visual testing
If you uncheck this box, then all the Applitools extension commands in the script are ignored when the test runs. Note that you can also check or uncheck this feature on the SIDE Eyes menu.
Root cause analysis enabled.
If you uncheck this box, then the information required for the Root cause analysis feature is not sent to the server, and various DOM related features such as RCA and advanced image matching are not available. Disabling sending the DOM may provide a small performance gain, but may impact the matching and analysis capabilities negatively.
Open Test Manager after test runs
If this checkbox is checked, then at the end of a test, the Eyes Test Manager is opened in a browser window and loaded with the results of the test run that completed.

The Account tab

The values in this tab are requested automatically when you first use the SIDE Eyes extension; you only need to access this menu if you change the Eyes account or server that you use.

Copy your Applitools API key to this field. The article How to retrieve your API key tells you to how to obtain an API Key if you don't have one yet, and how to retrieve the value of the API key if you already have one.
If you use Eyes on the public cloud, then leave these field with the default value. If you have an on-premises server or a dedicated cloud, then put its URI in this field.

The Advanced tab

If you obtained the Selenium IDE and SIDE Eyes via your browser from the public store, then you don't have to change anything in this tab. If you have to install the extensions manually, for example, if you are behind a firewall, then you need to copy the ID of the Selenium IDE extension (available in Chrome on the chrome://extensions/ page, or about:debugging#addons in Firefox) and paste it into the IDE EXTENSION ID field in this tab.