Viewing the batch details

You can view various details about a particular batch by hovering over the batch entry in the batch list and clicking on the Batch details menu entry that appears. The following dialog is displayed:

The dialog displays the following information:

  • Name: The batch name - the value passed to the method batchinfo$batchinfo constructor.

  • Started: The date and time that the batch started.

  • Duration: The amount of time that the batch ran.

  • Batch ID: By default, the batch ID is assigned by the SDK. You have the option to set it explicitly - for details see Associate tests with a common batch.

  • Batch sequence name: The name that you assign using the method class$batchinfo$setsequencename.

  • User-defined properties: If any user-defined properties are set for the batch, then they also appear in the dialog. For more details see Using user-defined batch properties.