Adding remarks to a test result

The Test Manager lets you add remarks to a Step or a Test result. Adding remarks to a step is done through either the Step editoror the Test editor, whereas adding remarks to a Test result is done in the Test results table.

This section deals with adding remarks to a Test result.

When you add a remark to a specific test result, you can also direct it to a team member and follow the remark thread.

To add a remark to a test result:
  1. Click Add remark in the Actions column next to the relevant test result.
  2. Enter a title for the remark in the Title text box at the top of the Add a remark dialog.
  3. Type your remark in the message box at the bottom of the Add a remark dialog.
  4. Send the remark to a team member:
    1. Enter their name in the body of the remark. As you type a name, Eyes Test Manager filters the drop-down list to only show team members that match the text string.
    2. Click the team member's name on the list.
  5. Track the remark conversation thread by clicking the Follow check box at the bottom of the dialog. When you enable this option, then Eyes sends an e-mail notification when another user updates the remark.
  6. Click Post to publish the remark.
  7. Click the X next to the Title text box, or click outside the dialog box to close it.
  8. After posting a remark, the Add a remark icon in the Actions column is highlighted in blue .