Deleting test runs

This article describes how you can delete test results that you no longer require from the server . Note that removing a test result does not delete the baseline used or updated by those results. Removing the results does not impact future runs of the test in any way.

You can delete test results in the Eyes Test Manager from two different pages: On both pages, the deletion method is identical.
You can either delete a single test or delete a number of steps in one go:
  • To delete a single test run, click on the Delete option in the row Action menu of a test run.
  • To delete multiple test runs, select the checkbox of each test run row that you want to delete, and then click the toolbar delete button . You can first narrow down the list of test results using use the filter , and then use the select all button , followed by the delete button to delete the visible rows. See the article Select/Deselect all visible table rows for some other tips on using the filter and select buttons efficiently.