Setting up batch completion notifications in the SDK

Batch completion notifications are available on tests that are implemented using SDKs that implement the classicrunner or visualgridrunner classes.

As explained in Batch completion notifications, you can set up Eyes using the Eyes Test Manager so that when a batch completes and it includes tests for a defined application, users will get an email or Slack notification informing them of the batch completion, and providing a summary of the test run and a link to the results.

Apart from configuring in the Eyes Test Manager which test applications will be notified and who will get the notifications, you also need to make a small change to the test code using the SDK by adding a call to the class$batchinfo$setnotifyoncompletion$morp as shown in the following snippet:


Note that the test must run using the classicrunner or visualgridrunner. The test notifies the Eyes Server that the batch is complete as part of the call to classicrunner$getalltestresults. For more information on building a test program using a Runner see Writing visual tests with the Eyes SDK.

If you are running a batch of tests in multiple processes or on multiple machines by sharing a batch ID, then you also need to ensure that notifications are only sent when all the tests have completed. On CIs with Eyes plug-ins this is done automatically. If you are using a different infrastructure, then see Close the shared batch to find out how to do this.