Testing on Different Environments

When you record a test, the URL is automatically added to the list of environments available for testing. However, if you're creating tests in a development environment and want to run them in a production environment, you need to manually add that environment to Preflight.

Adding Environments

To Add an Environment

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Settings > Environments.

  2. Enter the environment URL and click Add Environment.

This environment will now be available when running tests, as described below.

If you need to give access to a local testing environment, you can configure a tunnel. For details, see Secure Tunnel for Local Testing

Running Tests on a Different Environment

By default, when you run tests, they run on the same environment you created them in. However this can be overridden for a specific run.

To Run Tests on a Different Environment

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Tests.

  2. Select one or more tests. To set the environment for all the tests, don't select any.

  3. Click the arrow next to Run All Tests and select Run All Tests with Custom Settings.

  4. Select the environment you wish to test on from the Environment list.

  5. Click the Run All\Selected Tests Now button which is located at the bottom of the page.

  6. Click Confirm. Your tests will run on the environment you selected.

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