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fragment method

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Configure Eyes.check to match a fragment.



Note: This method is a static method.


This method does not take any parameters.

Return value

Type: EspressoCheckSettings


The id of the fragment should be provided by the Fluent method id(), for example:

Handling popups and dialogs

If your checkpoints includes a popup or dialog then the way you create the checkpoint depends on which layers you want to capture as illustrated in the code below:

eyes.check('viewport only', Target.window()); 
eyes.check('dialog only',Target.window().dialog()); 
eyes.check('popup only',Target.window().popup());
eyes.check('viewport and popup or dialog',Target.window().includeAllLayers()); 

The example illustrate the behavior with a Target.window target, but they apply to a Target.region, Target.googleMap or Target.fragment as well.