Eyes method

Class: EyesPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

This is the constructor for the Eyes class.

Create an object of this class, and then call methods of this class with this object to configure and execute checkpoints, and to do the other operations defined by this class.


eyes = Eyes(runner)

eyes = Eyes()


Type:Union[Text,VisualGridRunner,ClassicRunner,None] [Optional : default = None ]
If this parameter is provided, it must be an instance of either the ClassicRunner or VisualGridRunner classes. If a VisualGridRunner is passed then the image will be rendered using the Ultrafast Grid. If this parameter is not provided, then DOM rendering is done using the local browser defined by the driver parameter passed to the Eyes.open method.

Return value

Type: Eyes
Use the object returned to call the various methods provided by the Eyes class.