hideCaret property

Class: ConfigurationPlainPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve whether Eyes should hide the cursor before the screenshot is captured.

If your UI includes a blinking cursor, then sometimes the cursor will be captured in the screenshot, and sometimes it won't be captured. This can lead to differences between the checkpoint and the basline and, therefore, to false mismatch reports. If you enable hiding the curser, Eyes will turn the cursor off before capturing the image, eliminating the possibility that this will happen.


config = { hideCaret: value_boolean };


If this paramter has a value of true, then the cursor will be hidden before the image is captured.


We recommend using this method instead of Eyes.setIgnoreCaret, Configuration.setIgnoreCaret or CheckSettings.ignoreCaret, since this method/property eliminates cursor related artifacts instead of detecting and ignoring them.