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addDeviceEmulation method

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Java SDK:

Request that the checkpoint be rendered by the Ultrafast Grid using Chrome mobile emulation.


Configuration configval = config.addDeviceEmulation(deviceName, orientation);

Configuration configval = config.addDeviceEmulation(deviceName);

Configuration configval = config.addDeviceEmulation(deviceName, baselineEnvName);

Configuration configval = config.addDeviceEmulation(deviceName, orientation, baselineEnvName);


The name of the device, from the list of devices defined by DeviceName.
Whether the device is in portrait or landscape mode.
The name of the baseline environment. If provided, then the viewport, host app (browser), and OS that define the baseline are defined by the baseline environment name and not by the execution environment. The name should already be defined in the Test Manager. If it is not defined, then it will be created based on the execution environment of the first test that uses that name. For more information see Running cross-environment tests.

Return value

Type: Configuration
The value returned is the object that called the method. This allows you to use a fluent style to call the setXXXX methods of the Configuration class.