exact method

Class: XCUICheckSettingsPlatform: XCUILanguage: Objective-C SDK:

Sets the match level for this target to MatchLevelExact.

This match level is very sensative to differences in images. Do not use unless you have a very specific purpose.


Call syntax

id<CheckSettingsProtocol> target =  [ obj exact    ]




This method does not take any parameters.

Return value

Type: id<CheckSettingsProtocol>
The value returned is the object that called the method. You can use it to call other methods supported by the object class.


This method sets the default match level for this target. This overrides the hard-coded default and the default match level defined by using eyes$setmatchlevel.

For a given target you may call only one of the following methods that set a target default match level:
To set a match level for a one or more regions within a target use one of the following methods:

For a full description of the affect of each match levels and the different ways to apply them to tests, checkpoints and regions, How to use Eyes match levels.