setSequenceName method

Class: BatchInfoPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript

Use this method to set the batch sequence name for this batch.

A batch sequence name can be associated with one or more batches. The user can then view status and statistical information regarding the batches associated with the sequence name. If the sequence name is not provided explicitly, then the value of the environment variable "APPLITOOLS_BATCH_SEQUENCE" is used if it is defined. Otherwise, the sequence name is undefined and Insight statistics are not available. For more details see Insights batch statistics.


//typical code sequence using setSequenceName
let batchInfo = new BatchInfo("my batch name");
let sequenceName = "My sequence name";


The name to be assigned to the batch sequence

Return value

Type: BatchInfo


If you do not set this attribute and the environment variable APPLITOOLS_BATCH_SEQUENCE is defined, then the value of the environment variable will be used as the sequence name. If the environment variable is not defined, then the batch will not be associated with any sequence name.