BatchInfo method

Class: BatchInfoPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

The constructor for the BatchInfo class.

Create the object, set it up and assign it to the batch before the test starts using the Configuration.set_batch method or Eyes.batch property. See How to group tests into batches using the SDK for more details and an example.


batch_info = BatchInfo(name, started_at)

batch_info = BatchInfo(name)

batch_info = BatchInfo()


Type:Text [Optional : default = None ]

The name of the batch. If a is passed then the name will be taken from the environment variable APPLITOOLS_BATCH_NAME. If the environment variable is not defined then the name of the first test is used as the batch name.

Type:datetime [Optional : default = None ]
The date and time that will be displayed in the Test Manager as the batch start time.

Return value

Type: None