Workflows enable you to combine tests to create a test sequence for end-to-end testing and for automating testing for large apps. Workflows enable you to customize the values you used when recording a test, and apply them to consequent tests in the workflow, without needing to re-record the tests.

Creating a Workflow

To Create a Workflow

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Workflows.

  2. Click Create Workflow.

  3. Choose your first test from the Test dropdown.

  4. Select Continue when failed? if the workflow should continue to the next test if this tests fails.

  5. click Add Another at the bottom of the page to add an additional test.

  6. After adding tests to the workflow, click Submit Workflow or Submit Workflow and Run to run it immediately.

Your randomized variables (such as first name or password) will remain the same throughout the workflow.

Running your Workflow with Global Settings

To Run a Workflow with Global Settings

  1. To run your workflow, click Run Workflow.
  2. Check the results under Workflow Results. If you can't see the results, refresh the page.
  3. Click on any of the tests to watch a recording of the results.

Running your Workflow with Custom Settings

You can change the settings the workflow uses for a single run, without changing the default workflow settings. After the workflow runs with these settings, it will revert to using the default settings. The settings you can change are:

  • Environment.
  • Run Mode
    • Normal is the default mode which records the tests with screenshots.
    • Quick mode reduces testing time by recording without saving screenshots.

To Run a Workflow with Custom Settings

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Worflows.
  2. Click on a workflow to open it.
  3. Click the down arrow next to Run Workflow and click Run with Custom Settings.
  4. Select the custom settings to use to run the workflow.
  5. Click Run Workflow Now.

Customizing Values

Workflows enable you to customize the credentials or values you used when recording a test, without needing to create a new test. This enables you to use the same value in multiple tests in the workflow.

To Customize Values

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Worflows.

  2. Click on the workflow to open it.

  3. Click Edit Workflow and click the test whose values you want to change.

    Your default values are displayed as placeholders in their corresponding text fields.

  4. Locate the action containing the value you want to change and click Customize in workflow.

  5. Either:

    • Enter a value.
    • Click the button to see a list of randomized variables and your previously used values.
    • Use a previously defined Global Variable.
  6. Click Save.

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