Video Tutorials

Applitools Eyes – Introduction
Based on algorithms that mimic human vision, Applitools Eyes transforms the way UI and front-end testing is carried out; it validates – automatically – that all UI elements in any app are displayed correctly, across all devices, browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions.

Intro to Visual Testing and Applitools Eyes
Applitools innovative cloud-based automated visual software testing solution enables developers & QA engineers to automate UI tests that previously were strictly manual, thus enabling fully automated Continuous Deployment process by automated validation of UI and front-end functionality.

Getting Started with Applitools Eyes
Master test automation and release regression-free apps with Applitools Eyes – an Automated Visual Testing solution for mobile, web and hybrid apps.

Applitools Eyes allows you to ensure your app looks & functions exactly as you planned – no regressions, no layout bugs, no UI fails – across all browsers, operating systems, devices and screen resolutions.

Applitools Eyes integrates seamlessly with all major test automation frameworks, such as Selenium, Protractor, CodedUI, QTP/UFT and Appium, and is compatible with all major programming languages.

FAQs: How to Test Shifting Content
Learn how to test dynamically-positioned elements and handle shifting content, with Applitools Eyes “floating region” feature. Use this feature to test pages while doing A/B testing (e.g. a button that might appear on a different position every time), or when dealing with dynamic data in certain areas of the page.

FAQs: Setting the Viewport Size
Best practices for determining the best viewport sizes for your automated visual tests. Learn why it is recommended to explicitly select the viewport size and how to select the right sizes to test your apps.

FAQs: How to Configure Match Level
Learn about different visual testing match levels, how to configure the match level for a visual test from the test code, and also how to analyze the results in various match levels from the test results dashboard.

FAQs: How to Test Pages with Dynamic Content
Learn how to run visual regression testing on applications that include dynamic content. One of the challenges with using visual testing for apps with dynamic content is that the actual content of the page might be different on every run of the test. This tutorial shows several techniques for using Applitools Eyes to perform visual testing on dynamic applications, including ignoring volatile regions, and running the tests in layout mode to ignore content changes.

FAQs: How to Add Visual Testing to BDD Tests
Learn how to add automated visual testing to your BDD tests. This tutorial include a step-by-step description of how to add visual validations to your existing Cucumber tests.

FAQs: How to Group Your Tests: Batching
Learn how to group several visual tests under the same folder/container in the test Applitools Eyes results dashboard. Aggregating tests in batches is useful when running tests at scale as a better way to analyze/manage your test results.

FAQs: Screenshotting
Learn how to capture screenshots in a scalable way, as part of your automated visual tests with Applitools Eyes. This “how-to” video explains all the advanced options for capturing full page screenshots and dealing with pages with infinite scroll and lazy loading.

Applitools Eyes Express: 1-Click Visual Testing
Innovative 1-click visual testing tool for manual testers & front-end developers. No coding required! Instantly test your website or application for visual regressions & functional bugs.

DEMO: Applitools Eyes Express [1-Click Visual Testing]
See Applitools Eyes Express in action. Applitools Eyes Express is our innovative 1-click visual testing tool for manual testers & front-end developers. No coding required! Instantly test your website or application for visual regressions & UI bugs.

Test Automation for Android Wearable Devices with Appium
Step-by-step demo of how to run automated tests on a wearable device using Appium – Full post.

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