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Welcome to Applitools!

Applitools is a platform for automated functional and visual testing. With Visual AI, you can reduce efforts in developing automation while providing greater coverage than traditional assertions. Applitools also enables you to scale your tests to run against any browser or mobile device at lightning speed with the Ultrafast Grid and the Native Mobile Grid.

You can use Applitools to test web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, PDFs, screenshots, and more. Applitools offers SDKs that support several popular testing frameworks in multiple languages, such as Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright. Applitools SDKs install directly into your projects for seamless integration. There's no need to create new tests or learn new frameworks.

The best way to learn about Applitools is to take one of our quickstart guides. Below are links to some of our most popular ones. You can find quickstart guides for all SDKs in the sidebar.


Mobile Browser

Native Mobile


Images & PDFs

Getting help

If you get stuck at any time, don't suffer in silence! Let us help you. Please reach out to us to get you back on track.