The 2019 State of Automated Visual Testing

Continuous Quality in the Age of Digital Transformation

QA and software developers understand the importance of quality. More than ever, customers expect apps and sites to be intuitive, fast, and visually flawless. The number of screens across applications, websites, and devices are growing at breakneck speed, with the cost of testing rising accordingly. Managing visual quality effectively is now becoming a competitive advantage. The ability to deliver faster releases while improving customer experience is a key differentiator in this digitally transformed global market.

While the average company allows over 108 visual bugs to escape annually, the most challenged 30% of companies researched see 22 bugs escape per release costing them close to $7m dollars annually.

Automated Visual Testing is here. Powered by Visual AI, it is successfully dealing with the challenges of Digital Transformation and CI-CD by driving higher testing coverage while at the same time helping teams increase their release velocity, improve visual quality, and build team morale.

The study is a side-by-side comparison of modern cross browser testing through Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud with traditional cloud testing approaches. Analysis focuses on: